(bmp2map v.06 released August 23rd, 1997)
(bmpal v.01 released March 28th, 1998)

A conversion utilility for quickly turning 2D .BMPs into 3D Quake .MAPs

That about says it all. See the readme file for more details. Basically, it takes a .BMP, uses the pixel colors to figure out where to put doors, walls, windows, entities and more, then it slaps a floor and ceiling on it and writes it to a .MAP. The doors are just brushes ready to be converted to func_doors. You'll need a real editor to add this functionality. You'll also want to use a real editor to set the directions and other flags for any entities you add.

I created this program for quick conversions of floor/city/street plans into .MAPS without doing a lot of math along the way.
It could also be used to generate levels using screenshots of other games maps (eg. Duke or Doom).

Down below you'll find a sample map and some screenshots from the level that was generated by it. The .BMP, .CFG, .MAP, & .BSP are included with the .ZIP.

Download BMP2MAP v.06 ( = ~310K)

Download BMPAL v.01 (~23K - "sister" program that provides a palette index listing of sorts - 3/98 (README))

Enjoy! If you like it, please let me know. If you don't, let me know how you think it can be improved and I just might work some of your ideas into the next revision. Or, you can change it yourself, the source is included.

--jack (aka Silicon Slick)

ps. Check out this site to see what I created the program for.

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Sample Screen Shot #1 Sample Screen Shot #2
Sample Screen Shot #3